The Missing Years (Colby – Book 18.5): A Collection of Short Reads (A Darcy Sweet Mystery)

The Missing Years (Colby – Book 18.5): A Collection of Short Reads (A Darcy Sweet Mystery)
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Series: Darcy Sweet Mystery, Book 18.5
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: South Coast Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
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About the Book

After solving the mystery of Aunt Millie’s death Darcy Sweet is enjoying being a mother and looking forward to the prospect of living life like an ordinary person. Now that the mists have gone and things are quiet that shouldn’t be a problem.

But she should have known better.

The Missing Years – Book 18.5 is six short stories covering the five-year time period between book 18 and book 19.

1. The Purloined Purse – A missing purse and stolen flowers… and the ex-police chief is acting very strangely. What is going on?

2. A Cup of Blackmail – Someone close to Darcy and Jon is being blackmailed and a misdirected letter sets another mystery in motion.

3. A Mystery in the Mail – The owner of the bookstore in Oak hollow is getting threatening letters. Darcy and Jon work together to find out who is sending them.

4. The Dead Man’s Glasses – Lorne Sommers re-appears in Darcy’s life and he thinks that he killed someone. Can Darcy and Jon find out what really happened?

5. The Angel Cameo – Sergeant Sean Fitzwallis needs Darcy’s help. It seems that the killer responsible for a one-hundred-year-old murder has reappeared in the present time. But that’s not possible, is it? Can Darcy work out what’s going on?

6. The Missing Lion – Colby has a new stuffed toy but it has mysteriously gone missing. Colby is upset so Darcy and Jon promise to investigate. What they uncover is more than a missing toy.

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