NEW – A Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery – Murder Runs Deep

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Another Body on the Beach… Another Mystery to Solve!

Miranda Wylder is back in her first full-length book.

When a very agitated man comes banging on Ragged Rest’s back door Miranda Wylder feels a sudden sense of foreboding.

What could he possibly want?

There’s a body on the beach and he needs the police. Luckily Jack is there already and is straight onto the job.

Miranda gets a sense of déjà vu. This scene looks very similar to the murder that she encountered when she first moved to Moonlight Bay.

Who is the poor woman who is lying dead on the rocks this time?

And it’s not only the dead woman that is a mystery. There is something about the man that sets Miranda’s sixth sense racing when he shows more interest in her than the activity on the beach.

Why the interest? What could he possibly want with her?


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